Special Intelligence Services

"When people underestimate your capabilities, they are showing you their limits, not yours."
Kevin Kino

«Matara» is an international company with a head office located in Israel. The company specializes in providing unique operational and intelligence solutions to complex challenges and investigations in the competitive intelligence field.
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«Matara» was established in 1990
by Zvika Manolovich and a team of top experts from Israeli security forces, who previously held senior positions in the Israeli Intelligence Community.
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The core value
The core value of «Matara» is teamwork of highly skilled experts in a broad range of fields, including technology, analysis and evaluation of raw intelligence data, information gathering during special operations, lawsuit, etc.
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Over the years
Over the years, the «Matara» team has conducted and executed large-scale projects in the field of competitive intelligence, as well as investigations and consultations in a wide range of security fields. The operations were executed both in Israel and in other countries around the world.
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The secret of our success

Zvika Manolovich and the management team of «Matara» bring with them a proven experience in the intelligence and investigation fields, gained through extensive activity in the Israeli secret security forces and a diverse occupation in the competitive intelligence field.

Method of operation

The vast experience and the great reputation of the «Matara» team of managers aid them in devising a unique operation plan for each project, based on the client’s needs, that is followed by high-accuracy implementation while placing great emphasis on customer satisfaction.

International activity

Extensive and prolonged activity of «Matara» outside of Israel provided it with significant “intelligence and operational assets” throughout the continents, including international mobility of highly skilled workers, in order to ultimately adjust the information gathering process to the needs of each individual project.

Client-oriented approach

In «Matara», we measure the company’s success through our clients’ satisfaction, and therefore our professional team provides complete discretion for all our clients.


In «Matara», we operate using the latest and most advanced technologies in the intelligence field and integrate highly-trained operational personnel.

Fields of proficiency of «Matara» team members:

Intelligence gathered and provided by human sources (HUMINT).
Intelligence analysis and assessment.
Data assessment and close supervision.
Decision making under any circumstances, according to the client's needs.
Case study

The management team of «Matara» created a unique method of project management and support. This method, being enhanced over the years and throughout the variety of projects, has proven to be a perfect solution for achieving the client’s goals.


Western Europe
Western Europe – an intelligence operation of a manhunt for the impostor who deceived dozens of wealthy people by impersonating a great Rabbi with magical powers. The manhunt took place in several Western European countries and lasted about 8 months, concluding with the man’s conviction. The foreign clients received their refund of the majority of money lost as the result of fraudulent activity. This case has attracted wide media attention as “The case of an impostor Rabbi”.


England – London | India – Delhi
A personal security project – the «Matara» personnel worked in parallel in England and India, leading a large-scale security project for a top international company with a head office located in Delhi and branch offices all over Europe. The teams of «Matara» trained the local security personnel to perform undercover security, intelligence gathering for security purposes and risk assessment for the client and his family.


Nigeria Argentina Mexico Slovakia
An investigative auditing conducted concurrently in multiple branch offices of an international company. The operation was performed in close collaboration with the company's internal auditors. During this project, the «Matara» team aided in the detection of severe violations, including bribery, fraudulence and employee theft.