About us

Since 1990

«Matara» was established in 1990 by Zvika Manolovich and a team of top experts from Israeli security forces, who previously held senior positions in the Israeli Intelligence Community.

The core value of «Matara» is teamwork of highly skilled experts in a broad range of fields, including technology, analysis and evaluation of raw intelligence data, information gathering during special operations, lawsuit, etc.


Over the years, the «Matara» team has conducted and executed large-scale projects in the field of competitive intelligence, as well as investigations and consultations, both in Israel and in other countries around the world.

In 2019 Zvika Manolovich has launched his debut book – “The Bee Dance”, which exposes a rather surprising insight into his personality and has nothing to do with his activity as an intelligence agent.

The spearhead

In the 90s, the «Matara» company has spearheaded the fight against counterfeiters and copyright infringers. Zvika Manolovich was one of the founders of the Israeli branch of “International Federation of the Phonographic Industry”, which conducted investigative and intelligence operations to combat counterfeiting.

Outside of Israel

Since 2000, the «Matara» teams have been conducting complex, large-scale projects, both in Israel and abroad. Some cases have attracted wide media attention, while others, according to requirements, remained confidential.


Our clients

Among the company’s clients are leading corporations and business entities, both in Israel and around the world.

At present, the CEO of «Matara», Zvika Manolovich, offers personal security / intelligence counseling to a variety of companies and private clients.

«When people underestimate your capabilities, they are showing you their limits, not yours!»

Kevin Kino