Case study

Case study

The present-day world of business provides quite a few challenges for both individuals and corporations, therefore emphasizing the essential need for professional, client-specific assistance.

Without a doubt, there are many highly skilled professionals in our field. However, only a few of them are proficient in the construction of an efficient, accurate plan that connects the client’s actual needs with uniquely developed, advanced work methodology, customized both operationally and according to the client’s budget.


In order to plan, devise and implement advanced, creative and sophisticated solutions for its clients, the management team of «Matara» has created a unique, project-specific management and support methodology. We guide the client, beginning with consultation and problem identification, through understanding the client’s requirements while fitting within his budget, and finally offering highly qualified personnel for the specific mission and performing intelligence analysis of the raw data. Therefore, the unique «Matara» methodology provides a perfect solution for achieving the client’s goals.

It is worth mentioning that by using this methodology, «Matara» ensures complete confidentiality of the client’s identity, his goals and intentions. In this way, the client stays completely anonymous to the professional personnel and other parties involved in the project.

All of the above enables «Matara» to be your go-to company for all your security and intelligence needs.

Operational activities of «Matara»


Western Europe
In 2004, the teams of «Matara» launched an intelligence operation of a manhunt for the impostor who had deceived dozens of wealthy people by impersonating a Rabbi with magical powers. The manhunt took place in several Western European countries and lasted about 8 months, concluding with the man’s conviction. The foreign clients received their refund of the majority of money lost as the result of fraudulent activity. This case has attracted wide media attention as “The case of an impostor Rabbi”.

2017 -2019​

Nigeria, Argentina, Mexico, Slovakia and more
The «Matara» company has assisted several leading Israeli corporations with branch offices all over the world, in counseling and supervising projects dealing with corporations’ internal audit. The operations took place in several territories (Nigeria, Argentina, Mexico, Slovakia and other destinations). During the process, the violations that include information leakage, fraudulence, employee theft and bribery were detected. The majority of operations in this field were performed in close collaboration with the companies’ internal auditors.


The «Matara» company has assisted a woman in the process of marital property distribution. The woman – an Israeli citizen, filed a lawsuit against her ex-husband and the father of her children (an American citizen who has been dividing his time between USA and Israel), suspected of hiding marital property and assets through different shell companies and strawpersons in the United States. The investigation findings provided by «Matara» were used as the main evidence during the hearings in the Family Court both in Israel and abroad.

2008 -2009

Buenos Aires, Argentina
The teams of «Matara» have assisted in counseling and intelligence cooperation with the Buenos Aires government unit, specializing in the prevention of kidnapping for ransom. With the help of «Matara», the kidnap victim (son of a wealthy family in Argentina) was released and safely returned home.


Houston, USA
During these years, «Matara» has contributed to the great efforts made by the United States intelligence agencies in pursuit of a gang of skillful crooks (former Israeli citizens) who have operated against American businessmen in Houston. The «Matara» team succeeded in exposing the gang members and located the majority of assets held by the shell companies and strawpersons across the United States. The investigation findings were transferred to the federal court in Houston.


London – Delhi
The teams of «Matara» worked in parallel in India and Europe, on a personal security project for a leading international company. To ensure the success of the mission, the teams of «Matara» trained the local security personnel to perform undercover security, as well as intelligence gathering and risk assessment for the client and his family.


East Asia
The teams of «Matara» have been assisting in the identification of suspicious activity in the East Asian branch office of the leading high-tech company in Israel.


European countries
Recently, a complex investigation has been completed, which involved activity in several European countries with a focus on management and support of a project dealing with hidden assets in a divorce case.
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