Investigative Auditing

Consulting and assistance in investigative auditing

During the years, the «Matara» company has gained extensive experience in consulting, guiding, supervising and assisting the internal auditors of leading Israeli companies and their branch offices all over the world.

Throughout the internal audit process, the auditor is frequently faced with indefinite, vague findings, early-stage suspicions, employee workplace violations, etc. Yet, he often lacks the tools to interpret those suspicions in order to formulate explicit findings or incriminating evidence.  

This is exactly the case when the «Matara» professionals would enter the scene. In close collaboration with the company’s internal/external auditors, they formulate both overt and covert operation plans to confirm the suspicions and obtain evidence.

The following steps are taken by the «Matara» personnel in the process of investigative auditing:
Data collection

Initial intelligence gathering about the target and the related parties in the company.

Investigations and interrogations

Covert investigations and overt interrogations of the involved parties. In many cases, those activities are conducted under the pretense of “regular inspections”.

Direct personal investigations

In order to interpret the initial suspicions and obtain substantial evidence, an investigation must be conducted. The «Matara» team maintains constant contact with the responsible parties throughout the whole operation, ensuring no damage (direct or consequential) is caused to the company’s workflow.

«Matara» operates in full cooperation and compliance with internal auditors and responsible parties in the company, both in Israel and abroad.

Throughout the years, the investigative audit services of «Matara» aided in identifying and determining irregularities (some of them criminal) committed by the employees of Israeli companies, both in Israel and in the branch offices around the world.

Many of the company auditors have witnessed the evident benefits of intelligence and investigation services’ professional high-quality assistance, both in identifying the suspects and in conducting investigative audit review for the prevention of such flaws in the future.