Special projects

Operational intelligence

  • The present-day world of business provides quite a few challenges for both individuals and corporations, therefore emphasizing the essential need for professional, client-specific assistance, customized for the individual client needs.
  •  There are many highly skilled professionals in our field, however, only a few of them are proficient in the construction of an efficient, time-effective plan that connects the client’s actual needs with optimally and originally developed, advanced work methodology, customized both operationally and according to the client’s budget.
  •  It is worth mentioning that even the clients, who are the leaders in their field and manage large-scale systems, are often incapable of devising a structured method of operation, required to achieve the desired result.
  • Under those circumstances, the management team of «Matara» has created a unique project management methodology. We guide the client, beginning with consultation and problem identification, through understanding the client’s requirements while fitting within his budget, and finally selecting the most suitable personnel for the operation and performing intelligence analysis of the raw data – up until the client’s goals are fully achieved.


It is worth mentioning that by using this methodology, «Matara» ensures complete confidentiality of the client’s identity, his goals and intentions. In this way, the client stays completely anonymous to the professional personnel and other parties involved in the project.

All of the above enables «Matara» to be your go-to company for all your security and intelligence needs.

Department's work detailed phases:
Understanding client needs

A series of meetings with the client (or his representative) are held with a focus on understanding the project’s needs and requirements, receiving and analyzing study materials, and setting explicit goals.


Operational planning and budgeting

The operational and financial plans, built in accordance with each stage of the project, are presented to the client in order to obtain his approval to continue the operation.

Selecting project personnel

A rigorous selection of professional, highly trained personnel, suitable for the specific activity in the destination country.

Keeping the client informed

Throughout the operation, Zvika Manolovich and the teams of «Matara» maintain constant contact with the clients and keep them well informed regarding the progress towards reaching their goals.

Predefined stages

The operation is executed through predefined stages. A coordination meeting is held at the end of each stage, where the interim evaluation findings are presented to the client, project goals are reviewed and the plan for upcoming actions is defined.

Every project stage must be approved by the client before moving forward to the next one.

Inspection and supervision

Throughout every stage of the project, the chosen local professional agents are closely supervised by the management team of «Matara», that is always ready for an operational involvement in the destination countries.

It should be noted that our agents hold both local and international licenses and meet the qualifications to practice as professional investigators. Furthermore, they are qualified as “Expert Witnesses” in the international courts.

The raw data, gathered by cutting-edge technologies and human sources (HUMINT) in operational activities, is decrypted and reconstructed into a legible format by the Israeli intelligence community seniors, specializing in data processing, analysis and integration, according to the project goals.